Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Felt and Sweets

What's up ?? ^^ 
Wanna have a cute things...
I mean , the cute cake made from flannel ? 
cute box decorated as a cake ?
this is the right place..^^
Check This Out !!

Strawberry Cake
O-Cherry Pie

Banana PanCake
Creamy Choco Love-cake
Pink_BerRose B-day Cake
Strawberry Creamy Roll-cake
O-Lemonrry Cupcake
Ketupat  in Cake(BOX)
Kiwi and apple layer cake
Strawberry Creamy Pancake
Lunar New Year Edition-Cat with orange and lantern(BOX)
Lunar New Year Edition-Chinese couple

Wanna Have them ?
 !! Contact me !!

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2 komentar:

  1. suka sama bolu lebarannya...yummy...
    BW...folback yah sist
    salam crafter

    1. wee,,makasi yah mbak..hehehe..itu special aku bt ke someone punya..^^
      oce deh ^^
      salam crafter